Press Advocates is a Northern Ireland-based network of editors, journalists, creative writers, researchers and public relations professionals who will work with you to plan, perfect and promote your business or written project. We can call on a range of expertise within the tourism, literary, arts, business, community and political sectors, within an Irish, UK or wider context. 

Whether your project needs the light and unobtrusive touch of an art conservator or a full-on restructuring, comparable to the work of a blacksmith, we take pleasure in making our business an art.

Creatively composed copy to help you stand out from the crowd.​

What we offer

Press Advocates offers a range of services to improve your manuscript or document; from a proof-read to the final polish it needs, to one of several more in-depth edits, which advise on structure, style and content, as well as grammar, punctuation and spelling.

If required, we undertake research, referencing and help with rewriting. We can also provide a developmental edit, which is an appraisal that takes place earlier in the writing process and focuses more on organisation, structure and direction.

We also welcome student (postgraduate) work. 

We are happy to liaise with agencies and professionals such as funding and statutory bodies, designers, photographers, legal advisers etc.



Editing & proof-reading…

We offer a full range of editing and proof-reading services, from a quick polish to flag up spelling, grammar and punctuation issues, to one of several more in-depth edits, to advise on structure, style and content. We also help with research, referencing and re-writing. Contact us with details of your document or manuscript for a FREE mini-consultation and estimate.

Public relations & promotion…

We specialise in media communications and promotion. Press Advocates provides tailored solutions for building your brand and credibility, for keeping your message consistent but exciting, and for promoting yourself, your business or your project into the future. By focusing on your unique selling point, we will help you develop your identity and build value in your business.

Website & social media content…

We can help you position your business or organisation with solid website content. We also provide ongoing support and guidance in maintaining your content and image within the social media landscape. We are also on hand if you need imaginative and unique brochures, flyers and business cards, creatively designed to help you stand out from the crowd.

Consultancy & development…

Consult our team during the planning stages of a project or piece of writing through our developmental edit service. This is an appraisal that takes place early in the process, focusing on organisation, structure and direction. This can be a great tool in terms of saving time. Our consultation process is in place to help you manage the logistics so you can complete the project.

Contact us...

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Contact Press Advocates by using the contact form provided. Contact us with details of your project for a free consultation. We will get back to you within 24 hours. Or you can try to email us or phone us by using the details below.

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We are always improving our range of services. If you are interested in joining the Press Advocates team, contact us with a CV.

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